David Archuleta’s “Senseless”

David Archuleta, the newly-turned twenty year-old musical mastermind behind the refreshing quirky and uplifting sophomore album “The Other Side of Down”, has a New Year’s treat in store for his devoted legion of fans in the form of an unreleased song!

“Senseless” is a slow and smooth R&B jam produced by Oak and the Underdogs and written/previously recorded by James Fauntleroy (known for his writing collaborations with Rihanna, Ciara and Jordin Sparks). Archuleta’s version was presumably recorded for his self-titled debut record (released in 2008).

While I personally prefer Archuleta’s songs with a more acoustic vibe (“Works For Me”, “Somebody Out There”, “My Kind of Perfect”), what I admire most about this young singer is his tremendous vocal range. Through “Senseless”, a song about the unbearable anguish of heartbreak, Archuleta sings through the subject’s pain with believable passion, demonstrating once again that he is capable of connecting with a vast range of human emotions.

What are your thoughts on “Senseless”? Should the song have been added to the final tracklisting? Or was it rightfully left behind on the cutting board?


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