David Archuleta Departs Jive Records, Decides To Follow His Heart Instead

As many of you familiar with David Archuleta know by now, he is no longer with Jive Records and WEG Management. However, due to the open communication fostered by social networking sites such as Twitter, misinformation was spread throughout the media regarding the nature of his departure from the two companies. The headlines read that the American Idol runner-up was “dropped by his label”, when in fact, it was the other way around, according to David Archuleta’s latest video blog.

In the eight-minute long vlog (brevity is not exactly a strong suit of this ramblin’ man), Archuleta clears up the cloud of confusion surrounding the state of his music career by confirming that it was his final decision to part ways with Jive and WEG.

He explains that Jive Records has been changing as a company, with regards to the departure of Sony’s president and Archuleta’s own A&R representative, and with the ongoing mission of the label. Just as Jive is transforming as a business, Archuleta also feels that his artistic direction has shifted as well, and that their visions are no longer compatible with one another.

“There are offers to continue working [with Jive] but it just didn’t feel like the right thing now… it just felt I need to start going a different direction now. It just felt like the right time to part ways.”

The main point to derive out of Archuleta’s exit from both companies is that a continuation of those professional relationship would not be productive to where he’s supposed to go, what he wants to be doing, and what he wants to be focusing on.

“Only recently I’ve learned… It’s an obvious thing, but it took me a while to realize, I have control over my life. The decisions I make are what’s gonna make or break, not just necessarily my career, but my life too. So I’m just excited where to go, the change, the direction that I’m hoping to go now with music.”

Despite this time of uncertainty, the always optimistic and mature Archuleta remains confident with his newfound independence and freedom, expressing great enthusiasm for the future and anticipation for his next journey: developing as a person and as a musician through some soul-searching and song-writing. And, as Archuleta concludes his vlog, what he is most grateful for is his steady relationship with his ever-so supportive fanbase for encouraging him to continue following his heart and going after his dreams.

“This relationship with music, you guys… It’s the relationship with you guys that’s most important.”

Credit: Thanks to Fan Scene for the video transcript!


2 thoughts on “David Archuleta Departs Jive Records, Decides To Follow His Heart Instead

  1. With his heart of gold, I'm very sure he will continue inspiring others with his music. Whichever new label he'd partner with, his works are going to make another big impact on many.

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