All We Need Is Love and Acceptance

These two videos bring up very important ideas on Love and Acceptance:

Jefferson Bethke’s “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (Spoken Word)”
Bethke’s reaction to Christianity brings to question the hypocrisy, judgment, pride, and self-righteous found within religious institutions. I’ve had a rather complicated history with my religion (which is another blog entry in itself), but my issues all boil down to one point – some people of the Church don’t practice what they preach, contradicting the core of God’s most important teaching – which is to love, respect, and forgive one another unconditionally.

Jenna Marbles on “Why Girls Hate Each Other”
With her strikingly blunt and honest delivery, popular YouTube personality Jenna Marbles raises her voice against the raging war between females by challenging them to ‘Stop Comparing Themselves’. From an early age, girls are conditioned to compete with one another. Throughout their lives, their minds are trained to compare, rank, and judge others. To beat this damaging system, women should quit judging one another and beating themselves up over failing to meet the phony standards created by a society that sets women up for their own downfall. If all we want is validation – to feel accepted – start by accepting all females as the kind, beautiful, and talented individuals that they are! As Marbles declares, once we let go of that pressure to fit in, “you are free to be you”. And remember, there is only one of you in the world, so own that uniqueness!


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