What is Happenstance?

Someone on Tumblr asked me what the meaning of happenstance is, and I thought my response would be appropriate to share here…

Happenstance is a theory that challenges the belief that our lives follow a strictly linear path. The reality is that the diversions (i.e., unplanned events, chance encounters, etc) that we face along the way will steer us through the choices we make along this journey called life. Inevitably, occurrences that we do not foresee having an impact on us, such as taking an elective course in university that causes you to switch your major or traveling to a new country and falling in love with the culture, will cause us to shift our perspectives and uncover new interests. Ultimately, the key to discovering your passion in life is to follow your curiosities by getting involved, trying new things, and embracing the unexpected. It’s these traits of being flexible, having a keen interest, and maintaining a positive attitude that will help you reach fulfillment in life!


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