American Idol Season 11: Hollie Cavanagh

So, about American Idol tonight…

The judges ruined what would have been an incredible show of current (as in the last three years current) songs with their heavy criticism of Hollie Cavanagh. HThe Dazzling Diva, with her beautiful, crystal clear tone and powerful, pitch perfect vocals, finally picked a song that she could emotionally connect with – a stripped-down version of “Perfect” by P!nk. Despite delivering her best performance yet and showing her star potential, she was treated to purposeless comments like “that was not perfect” and “but you looked pretty tonight”, instead of receiving the accolades she so deserved. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler have been on her case for weeks, and honestly, seeing them continue to fail to acknowledge Hollie’s great work is detracting from my enjoyment of this season.

I really hope that Hollie will take the underdog route (a la Haley Reinhart from Season 10) and stay afloat this week. Her incredible voice, sweet demeanour, and strong spirit deserves a place in this competition!

Sparkle on, Tinkerbell Fairy Princess!


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