Erika Van Pelt’s “Listen, Learn, Then Delete”


American Idol Season 11‘s Erika Van Pelt has just released her first single, and it’s a 10/10! “Listen, Learn, Then Delete” is a funky dance track from the über-talented EVP, who boldly shows off her killer voice, cool moves, and rockstar attitude in its music video. As this rebel yell of a song declares, be fun and free, make some noise, and show the whole world your awesome style. This tune is definitely one that you make you Listen, Learn, Then Repeat!

Let’s get started
Turn on the beat
Break every rule
Listen, Learn, then Delete

Download Erika’s “Listen, Learn, Then Delete” on iTunes.

[ETA] Be a part of Erika’s debut album, My Independence, by making a contribution to her Kickstarter campaign! Support an incredible musician and her dream! If you need more convincing, read my good friend Megan’s blog post on how great of an impact Erika has made on her life.


2 thoughts on “Erika Van Pelt’s “Listen, Learn, Then Delete”

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