American Idol Season XIII: Meet the Top 10!

American Idol Season 13 Top 10

Meet the American Idol Season XIII Top 10! Caleb Johnson, Dexter Roberts, CJ Harris, Malaya Watson, MK Nobilette, Alex Preston, Jessica Meuse, Jena Irene, Sam Woolf, and Majesty Rose will be touring across the country this summer for the 2014 American Idol Live Tour.

This week, Idol’s Eleven selected Songs of the Cinema for their auditions for starring roles in the summer tour cast. The leading players of the evening were Caleb, who sang a soaring rendition of “Skyfall” (from Skyfall) and Jena, who delivered a rockin’ piano performance of “Decode” (from Twilight). Other standouts included CJ’s “Can’t You See” (from Blow), MK’s “To Make You Feel My Love” (from Hope Floats, starring Idol’s own Harry Connick Jr.), and Alex’s “Falling Slowly” (from Once), who were joined by Malaya (who sang “I Am Changing” from Dreamgirls), Dexter (who sang “Sweet Home Alabama” from Forrest Gump), and Jessica (who sang “The Sound of Silence” from The Graduate).

Early frontrunners Sam and Majesty found themselves in the bottom this week after trying to branch out from their tried and true styles – as Sam went sans guitar on “Come Together” (from Across the Universe) and Majesty went for the big notes on the ambitious “Let It Go” (from Frozen). In the end, it was Ben Briley who was eliminated in eleventh place (and thus missing the tour) after displaying his artistic versatility with “Bennie and the Jets” (from 27 Dresses). While I appreciated Ben for presenting himself as a country singer who also veers into soul, rock, and other genres, his timing was detrimental, especially during this crucial round.

Who is your favourite Idol from the Season 13 Top 10?


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