Presenting… Pixiclip!

Say hello to PixiClip, a dynamic new digital communication tool for presenting great ideas! It’s essentially an online canvas in the form of an interactive whiteboard upon which you can create messages in multimedia motion. Within the PixiClip, users can upload images, draw sketches, record narrations in audio and/or video format (you’ll need a microphone and/or webcam for this feature), and share replays with friends. PixiClip creates clips (of up to five minutes in length) that can be shared publicly (with the embed code and/or with the sharing of the URL) or kept private. Registration isn’t required, but having an account is handy if you want to save your work.

“When Great Trees Fall”

PixiClip is an ideal tool for teachers and creators, as well as anyone who has something to share and wants to do so in a visual, fun, and engaging way. In my video demonstration, I took the literary approach by reciting the poem “When Great Trees Fall” by Maya Angelou while displaying photographs and artwork on the canvas (thanks to the image dropper tool). A secondary step (perhaps for future PixiClips) would be to utilize tools such as the drawing pen and the typewriter to emphasize key symbolism within the stanzas. You can play the video right on PixiClip HERE.

As PixiClip continues to develop, I anticipate to see performance become even more smooth and in sync, as well as have the ability to modify the sequence of multimedia integration (through functions such as cutting, copying, and pasting).

PixiClip’s simplified and interactive approach is sure to make delivering presentations with a PUNCH so much easier!

What could you see yourself using PixiClip for?


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