Adorable Animals You Should Be Following On Social Media


Raise your paws if you love kitties, puppies, and other precious pets! Well, I think that accounts for pretty much everyone on the internet! Our admiration for cute and cuddly critters has spread its influence all over the world wide web, where the animal kingdom reigns high and mighty. The internet has created a new breed of revered digitalized pets out of some of the special cats, dogs, and other species we’ve seen in videos, gifs, and memes, such as Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, Boo, and Maru. As we continue to awww over adorable animals, here are a few more sweet, snuggly, charming, and completely lovable internet pet personalities you should be following…

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Life Lessons Learned From… Jobhunting

School is officially back in session for students everywhere! As a recent graduate, it feels strange to enter September without having a new semester of classes or Co-op to start.  For the first time since marching into Ms. Taylor’s Kindergarten class, I don’t have a scheduled plan laid out ahead of me. Now, I am left to my own authority and free will to make decisions for my future. There’s no telling where I’ll be a few months from now. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

I am now embarking on a journey of Jobhunting – searching for entry level positions, internships, and volunteer work to break into the world of Communications.

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Why You Should Watch “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”

Imagine, just for a moment, that Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice did not take place in 19th century England, and instead took place in 21st century California. Would our intelligent, outspoken protagonist Elizabeth Bennet be a graduate student with an interest in video blogging? Wouldn’t Darcy’s elitism and reserved nature make him the quintessential bowtie-wearing hipster? What if Georgiana Darcy conspired with Colonel Fitzwilliam to get Elizabeth and Darcy together—by tweeting at him?

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The Magical World of Pottermore

While the Harry Potter films may have come to a close this summer, the reading experience of J.K. Rowling’s series about the extraordinary world of Witchcraft and Wizardry remains open and continuously expanding!

Pottermore, a magical online community conceptualized by Rowling, serves as a supplementary resource to the seven novels. The website offers an enhanced look into the stories through a variety of additional content and interactive features.

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