Welcome to my portfolio, yo! Here, you will find samples of my work in content writing, copywriting, social media, marketing, design, and photography. For more about my freelance, work, and volunteer experiences, visit my profile on LinkedIn.

WRITING | Elizabeth Rosalyn

WRITING | The Hudsucker
Pop Culture & Lifestyle

WRITING | Recultured
Entertainment & University Student Experience

WRITING | Pressboard Media, Inc.
Sponsored Content for Design + Lifestyle + Travel

WRITING | Young Women in Business
Professional Development + Career Women + Female Leadership

WRITING | Rise People
HR + Benefits + Payroll + Company Culture + Workplace Wellness

WRITING | in collaboration with Happy to Wander
Canadian Travel Blog for Beautiful Offbeat Adventures in Europe & Beyond

WRITING | Quietly Media, Inc.
Startups + Recruitment + Corporate Volunteerism

WRITING | SFU Volunteer ServicesENGAGE Blog
Community Engagement + Volunteering

WRITING | SFU Business Administration Student Society‘s The Executive Magazine

MARKETING | Young Women in Business

COPYWRITING | SFU Volunteer Services

SOCIAL MEDIA | Canadian Red Cross Imagine… No Bullying Campaign





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