Elizabeth Rosalyn: A girl whose hopes and dreams could adorn the sky.

Hello! I’m Elizabeth Rosalyn, and I’m an arts + entertainment & travel + culture writer based in Vancouver. By day, I work in content marketing in the tech industry, and by night, I moonlight as a social media consultant and freelance content creator.

Engaging and inspiring storytelling is at the core of what I believe in and hope to accomplish both in all of my pursuits in life.  I have always loved stories and writing (and writing stories!) for they allowed me to express, experience, escape, and dream beyond the boundaries of space and time. And today, thanks to the innovations of the digital age, we have greater access to stories from people from all walks of life around the world! I enjoy fostering communities (both online and physical) among people with creative minds, diverse voices, and vibrant personalities, and I find that stories are the common thread that ties us together.  Stories are truly impactful in inviting conversation, igniting imagination, and inspiring hope.

I believe that everyone has stories to tell, whether they chose to share through words, through music, through film and video, through pictures, through dance, or any other medium out there. However, some people find it hard to reveal their heart and soul with others. They may feel as if what they have to say is not of significance, so they are rendered silent and consequently deny that opportunity to open up.

My mission statement is this: I want to motivate people to use their voice, to share their message with the world, and to have the confidence to be the hero(ine) of their story.

As for my personal passions, I enjoy… long walks on the beach, dancing under the stars, singing in the rain, losing myself in the music, rocking out in the front row of a killer concert, being all dressed up with nowhere to go, falling victim to fashion, shopping until I drop, getting adrenaline rushes from roller coasters, stopping to smell the red roses, leaving my heart in New York City, wishing I could be a California girl, answering London’s call, embracing la vie en rose in Paris, living la dolce vita in Rome, indulging on overpriced movie popcorn at the cinema, pretending to see something significant when I view fine art, reading my way down the rabbit hole of an imaginary  world, writing through my constant writer’s block, rickrolling my friends, laughing until I can barely breathe, and standing up for equality.

Music changed my life (and I owe it all to Tulsa).

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