Allison Iraheta & Halo Circus’ “Gone”

Allison Iraheta has arrived (again), and this time around, she’s the lead singer of a band, Halo Circus!

After her run on American Idol Season 8 as the resident teen rocker and a year as a pop artist under the now defunct Jive Records, Allison took a break from the music scene. Back in January, she emerged from her hiatus to announce the formation of Halo Circus, who have recently signed with indie label Manimal Vinyl/Badland Recordings.

Their debut single, “Gone” is a dark and moody rock ballad, based on the struggles Allison faced after the end of the first era of her journey in the music industry. With great honesty, she writes about how she was lied to, used, taken for granted, and eventually, left for empty, and how, during the aftermath, she had lost sight of who she was. It took some time to realize that she wasn’t in the wrong, and once she accepted that, she came roaring back with a stronger sense of her identity, as well as a fire in her that cannot be extinguished. “Gone” is a raw and relateable song about toxic relationships with people who don’t have your best interests in mind. Its film noir-esque music video, which features the band during a jam session, gives spotlight to Allison’s passionate and vulnerable vocal delivery.

Halo Circus’ “Gone” EP is now available, and features four different versions of their debut song, including the original single, a Spanish version (“Yo Me Voy”), and two acoustic versions (the Nothing Left Versions).

That’s why I’m gone, don’t turn me on
There’s nothing left in me, lost what’s underneath
Finally done, over run, yeah, I’m gone
It was you that was wrong, and from now on
There’s no part of me that I can’t see
I’m honestly done, over run, yeah, I’m gone

Download Halo Circus’ “Gone” EP on iTunes!