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Lunch Guide to Vancouver’s Gastown

When at noon the grand clock chimes, it’s lunchtime! Along the picturesque scene of cobblestoned sidewalks, Victorian-style architecture, old-timey streetlights, and of course, the famed steam clock, the historical district of Vancouver’s Gastown offers many dining options to complement your afternoon of strolling, sightseeing, and shopping. From classic comfort food to the more adventurous choices, there’s something for every visitor who craves a taste of the Pacific Northwest’s diverse cuisine. The next time you find yourself venturing through this downtown Vancouver neighbourhood, check out these recommended places for a memorable munch.

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Image Credit: Chill Winston

A Day at Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge

On Tuesday, I made my first visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver.

For an afternoon, I was immersed in the spectacular natural wonders of Beautiful British Columbia. The walk across the swaying Suspension Bridge offered stunning picturesque views of the rushing Capilano River below, the surrounding forest, and the marvelous mountains in the distance.

Other noteworthy sights include the Cliff Walk (a semi-circular, part-glass path around the edge of a cliff above the canyon which makes you feel like you’re walking on air) and Treetop Adventures (a series of mini suspension bridges up in the tall trees which makes you feel like Tarzan!).

It was a truly refreshing and tranquil experience, reminding me of the importance of conservation (of trees, plants, vegetation, water, and wildlife) and the beauty of nature (which I too often take for granted). The next time I wander around a forest, I will remember to see the sights, feel the air, smell the freshness, hear the music, and appreciate the world around me!

View my Capilano Suspension Bridge photo album on Flickr.