Kelly Clarkson’s “People Like Us”

The award-winning, top-selling, international superstar of an Idol Queen, Kelly Clarkson was glorious and spunky as she performed her latest single, “People Like Us” (in the form of a glowing and groovy rave complete with glowsticks and neon colour splashes) on American Idol.

People Like Us”, the new single from award-winning, top-selling, international superstar, and original American Idol Kelly Clarkson’s first Greatest Hits album, is an energizing and encouraging anthem for unity and equality.

The music video is set in a lab where a group of monochromatic scientists are examining a technicolour girl who is starkly out-of-place in their black-and-white world. A heroic reveal sees Kelly, in disguise as one of the lab scientists, coming to the girl’s rescue by helping her escape from the imprisonment of colourless conformity and join her group of fellow misfits in a land of diversity.

Kelly has gone on record to say that this fist-pumping empowerment anthem was her most favourite song that she has ever recorded, and it’s easy to see why.

She is singing for all of us – for those who feel rejected, alone, scared, or numb, for the “misfits living in a world on fire”. We are all fighters, and when life gets tough and unfair, we must hold on and not give up, because the time for change is just around the corner.

As the song says, we are all united in our uniqueness, so we should take a stand for our right to dare to be different – together.

Kelly has made it a mission throughout her musical career to inspire others to stay strong and fulfill their dreams, and I’d say that she’s doing a pretty dang good job of it. Sing on, Kelly!

People like us we’ve gotta stick together
Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever
Here’s to the damned, to the lost and forgotten
It’s hard to get high when you’re living on the bottom

Phillip Phillips’ “Home”

Phillip Phillips‘ music video for “Home” is just as the song’s title suggests – homely, humble, and hopeful. In Phillips’ video debut, the singer-songwriter chronicles his ventures as a musician on-the-road, featuring footage from the American Idol tour (which is currently traveling along the east coast – get your tickets here!) interspersed with glory shots of the pensive artist and the great outdoors of America. As a fan who has been following Phillip’s journey since his Idol audition, it is comforting to see how he has retained the same down-to-earth composure through it all. “Home” is a beautiful song which will always remind me of the Summer of 2012!

The reigning Idol champion struck gold with his certified golden coronation single “Home”, which is gaining speed on the digital charts once again, thanks to exposure from NBC’s Olympic coverage of Team USA’s Women’s Gymnastics Team and the theatrical trailer for Clint Eastwood’s upcoming film, “Trouble With The Curve“. With this recent surge in iTunes sales, “Home” should be sprinting towards platinum status in no time!

“Home” will make its television debut on tonight’s broadcast of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX.

Just know you’re not alone, I’m gonna make this place your home.

Haley Reinhart Casey Abrams

American Idol Inspired Duos

I am a shameless fan of singing competition reality shows. While some may write off shows like American Idol and The X-Factor as overhyped karaoke contests, one cannot deny the tremendous impact that these shows have had on the music industry. Where would stars like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and One Direction be today without Idol and XF? Probably not on our iPods!

This summer, Queen Kelly (a.k.a. the original Idol) is devoting her time to being a mentor/coach on Duets, a new singing competition which pairs amateur singers with their musical idol as duet partners. The fascinating premise of this show led me to realize something significant about these reality shows. Though Idol and XF mainly serves as a launchpad for solo artistry and group acts, some former reality show alums have gone on to establish some great singing duos as well, forging collaborations with fellow musicians, contestants from other singing competitions, and even former competitors!

On that musical note, here are three of American Idol and The X Factor’s finest duos for you to check out – it’s double the discovery and twice the listening fun!

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