Share Your World – Week 23

Would you rather be stuck in a small plane with mild turbulence for 2 hours or be a passenger in a car racing the Daytona 500?
A passenger in a car racing the Daytona 500, because how often will you get the opportunity to fulfill that need for speed? Of course, I’d have to ensure that I’d be riding with a professional race car driver before stepping one foot into the vehicle. As for the alternative, small plane + turbulence (no matter how mild) = hell to the no.

Would you rather be alone with nobody in the vicinity for one month or never be alone not even for a minute for one month?
Alone with nobody in the vicinity for one month. I think I could bear the lengthy break from civilization and communication (I’m naturally a loner anyway) and it beats having people hover over you 24/7. Those poor people wouldn’t last the full month, I’m just sayin’…

Would you like to sleep in a human size nest in a tree or be snuggled in a burrowed spot underground?
Sleep in a human size nest in a tree, I suppose? At least I’d have fresh air to breathe when I’m up in the trees. Snuggling and hibernating in an underground spot sounds cozy yet suffocating..

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger?
A backseat driver passenger. I am a competent driver (focused, follows the rules of the road, etc.) but I don’t particularly like driving, so I’ll rather relax and enjoy the ride.

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Image by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images for NASCAR.

Share Your World – Week 22

Regarding animals would you prefer not having them around or having domestics pets, farm animals, or seeing them in nature or the zoo?
Since I was a kid, I have always wanted a pet. We did have a tank full of fish for a while, but they were pretty much there for decoration. I wanted a furry little companion to call my own – a cat, a dog, a rabbit… but my family’s house just isn’t a suitable home for critters. One day, when I get my own apartment, I will adopt a tabby kitten named Duchess. I’d also love to go on an African Safari to see the wild animals roam around in their natural habitats.

Are you a collector of anything?
I collect everything that I deem to have value and special meaning – memorabilia, souvenirs, stuffed animals, CDs and DVDs, make-up, etc. It’s gotten to the point where I hardly have any room in my room! So now, at least twice a year, I do a clean-out to clear up space by tossing the things I really should not hold on to anymore. Do I really need those old, worn out movie ticket snubs from decades ago? No, no I don’t. And I donate all of the stuff that other people could use, like clothes and books. However, I will always keep all of the trinkets, autographs, greeting cards, postcards, and letters that I receive from people.

If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?
I’d want to know what really happened behind the mysterious deaths of Classic Hollywood actors and actresses – especially that of Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood – and put all of the conspiracy theories to rest once and for all.

If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to?
Handbags, handbags, handbags! I would treat myself to a collection of pretty purses from Kate Spade to Chanel to Hermes! I’d probably be too scared to wear any of the high-end labels out, but perhaps I could start my own museum of bags?

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Photo by Milton H. Greene.

Share Your World – Week 21

If you could make a 15 second speech to the entire world, what would you say?
Worry less. Whatever it is that’s troubling you, you can overcome it. Smile more. Let the world see the beauty of your light and in turn, feel joy. Embrace change. There are opportunities just waiting for you to embrace them. Listen and love. The best way to show people you care is by hearing what they have to say. Be passionately curious. Engage with what fascinates you and see your life take a turn for the better! (I totally stole the bolded phrases from the shirt I’m currently wearing.)

If you could take a photograph, paint a picture or write a story of any place in the world, what and where would it be?
I would love to compose a photo essay of London, England. That city is filled with an abundance of old history as well as new stories of love and discovery from the diverse make-up of people who currently reside there.

If you had to spend one weekend alone in a single store but could remove nothing, which store would you pick?
I would spend a weekend in my favourite American department store, Bloomingdale’s, and pass the time trying on all of the upscale clothing, shoes, and accessories (and the handbags! Oh, the handbags!) and eating the expensive chocolates for survival.

If you were given a boat or yacht today, what would you name it?  (You an always sell the yacht later)
Mango Coconut. It reminds me of my Mom (her two favourite fruits).

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Image credit: Andrea Pucci

Share Your World – Week 20

If you could go back and visit any time period, what time would you travel to and why?
I would like to travel back to 1955-1965. I love the retro aesthetic/style and pop culture (especially the music and movies) of the time. I’d especially want to be there to see the explosion of Elvis Presley’s career and the arrival of Beatlesmania.

If you could have three wishes granted for you alone, what would they be? This is a time for you to dream and have fun.
1) For my Mom to be restored back to her full health.
2) To win the lottery so I can pay off all of the bills and loans, donate to charities and help people in need, and travel the world.
3) The ability to fly.

Wanting something to quench your thirst, what would you drink?
When I want to quench my thirst, fruit juices and smoothies always do the trick. My preferred flavour  is Strawberry Banana.

If you watch TV what are your favorite three television shows?
American Dreams: My favourite show of all-time. I related to Meg Pryor so deeply with her idealistic outlook and love for music. It’s a great show about family, friendship, hope, and dreams.
American Idol: I could write a book on how this show has ruined changed my life. I have discovered so many favourite artists and found so many fantastic friends because of Idol. That’s why I just can’t quit, no matter how many times they jump the shark.
Parks & Recreation: I got into this show a bit later (marathoned Seasons 1-5 last summer) but I instantly fell in love with the endearing characters, quirky humour, sweet storylines, and optimistic tone. Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope is deserving of all of the comedy awards.

Share Your World – Week 19

My good friend Megan inspired me to check out this blog challenge called “Share Your World“. Basically, Cee from Cee’s Photography asks her readers a new set of questions every Monday to answer on their blogs. I thought it would be fun to participate and let you guys to learn a little bit about me!

What object do you always have with you when traveling and why?
I always have my iPhone on me. It contains everything I’ll need to access when I travel – ticket confirmations, flight updates, email and social media apps, my music collection, notepads and to-do checklists, etc. And that means I’m always searching for Wi-Fi and charging stations wherever I go.

What subject would you like to study in depth, if given the time to do so?
Astronomy. I took an introductory course during my sophomore year of university (because I had to take a Science credit and it is the only scientific subject I have ever cared about) and had a great time gazing at and studying the stars in the sky. Once upon a time, I even aspired to become an astronaut when I grew up (I blame Sailor Moon for that). I visited the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles last summer and it invigorated my interest in the solar system and galaxies far far away.

Which would you prefer: a wild, turbulent life filled with joy, sorrow, passion, and adventure–intoxicating successes and stunning setbacks; or a contented bordering on happy, secure, predictable life surrounded by friends and family without such wide swings of fortune and mood?
This will come as a surprise to those who know me, but I’d choose a wild, turbulent life filled with emotional roller-coasters and the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Perhaps it’s just my selfish twentysomething quarter-life crisis side speaking, but if I was given the opportunity to embark on grand adventures, I would take it in a heartbeat. Of course, I’d probably eventually settle down for a life of happiness, security, and companionship, but let me LIVE first!

What are your favorite spices?
Baby, Posh, Sporty, Scary, and Ginger/Sexy. Oh! You mean food! Well, in that case – Cinnamon. My favourite drink at Starbucks is the Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino, and I have a weakness for Cinnamon buns. Just the name itself (cinnamon) makes you feel all cozy and warm (cinnamonnn). I do not have the acquired taste for tolerating real spicy spices. “But you’re Asian.” Yeah, I know, but no. And hold the cilantro, please.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
Last week, I was grateful to see a preview of summertime in Vancouver. The sun shone down on the city for a few days straight, and it instantly boosted people’s moods and made the flowers in my garden bloom! We’re back to typical Raincouver and overcast skies now, but it was nice while it lasted. In this upcoming week, I am looking forward to celebrating the wonderfulness that is my Mom for Mother’s Day.

Photo by Michael J. Bennett.