Behold The Stars for 2012

At the start of every new year, I like to check out my astrology forecast to see what new ventures I can anticipate during the next twelve months. Here’s what the stars predict for Capricorns in 2012…

The Wonder Woman remake tanked, but your career is poised for takeoff. Target your launch for October on. In the meantime, keep honing those superpowers, because you’ll need them more than ever in 2012. Romance makes a big comeback in your life as well.

Love & Life: For the first six months at least, life is like a big box of chocolates. You finally dare to take a bite out of hitherto forbidden (for reasons known only to yourself) pleasures. Whether single or part of a couple, plenty of romantic moments are part of the mix. Unearthing your ancestral roots may become a preoccupation, especially in March.

Work & Money: Saturn continues to propel you toward a pinnacle in your professional life. You have nine months to make the most of it, with a promotion likely in the spring or summer. Don’t be bedazzled by a status title or perk; go for long-term substance over glam. A cooperative spirit is imperative now.

I’m capable of going it alone, but teamwork takes me further.

(from Flare)

You are usually cautious and careful about exploring new turf because you like the security of familiarity—you look before you leap. But the year 2012 seems to excite you in a different way: You’re much bolder and more adventurous, and you’re eager to travel and explore new places. Many of you will choose to go to school to learn something new. Opportunities in politics, publishing, media, medicine and the law appeal to you now. You’ll even surprise yourself by how ready you are to leave your comfort zone—it’s as if you’re hungry to get more out of life! It is this hunger that drives you to be gutsy and brave and reach out for what you want, especially if it enhances, educates or expands your world.

Mantra: I’m leaving my comfort zone to travel and learn!

(from Elle Canada)

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