Kelly Clarkson’s “Because Of You”

Record executive Clive Davis really has some nerve to portray Kelly Clarkson as a naive ingrate in his newly-published memoirs.

I applaud Kelly for responding to his false claims in this blog post, where she reveals the truth behind their rocky professional relationship. It made me especially angry to learn that Mr. Davis had insulted her songwriting talents, calling her a “shitty writer” after hearing “Because of You”. As we all know now, he was wrong. And not just because it was a sensational hit on the charts, but more importantly, because it resonates today as the best song Kelly has ever written and recorded.

“Because of You” taught me a crucial lesson that helped me get through difficult times during my younger years – You Are Not Alone. For children and teenagers in broken homes, it is hard to express the pain felt and experienced from troubled family relationships. Home is supposed to be a place where you feel safe from harm and loved unconditionally, but it’s not always the case, and that harsh reality comes great pain and shame. With these unspoken truths, it’s unfathomable to imagine that anyone else is possibly going through the same situation as you. Then “Because of You” came out, and suddenly, I (and all of the kids and teens who were also hurting) didn’t feel so alone in the world anymore.

Some days, when I couldn’t hold it together, I would sit in my room, listen to “Because of You”, and cry. While the song couldn’t mend all of the wounds, it did a tremendous job at helping to ease the suffering. I felt such a great connection to Kelly, and her song was the friend I needed at a time when I couldn’t be open about what I was experiencing at home. It was through listening to Kelly Clarkson’s albums that I began to use music as an escape, and her songs continue to have that impact on me to this day.

Kudos to Kelly for standing up for your art with boldness, integrity, and class, and thank you for making music that is authentic, relatable and inspirational. I am so proud to be a fan of yours!

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