Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo’s “Tonight”

Diva-in-training Jessica Sanchez is about to launch into stardom!

The American Idol Season 11 runner-up returned to the stage that started it all to share the story of her journey since last May’s finale – and what a ride it has been!

From experiences with international tours, performing at special events, and modelling, to an upcoming guest appearance on Glee, the frontier is looking real bright for Sanchez.

Her first single, “Tonight”, which features R&B musician, Ne-Yo, is a fun, fresh, funky, and fabulous dance track about escaping from the stresses and drama of everyday life.

The duo debuted the live performance of the song on Idol, and Sanchez unleashed her BB Chez alter-ego by singing and dancing it up a storm like a dynamo.

If her re-introduction is any indication, Sanchez’s career as a young R&B/Urban artist is going be astronomical!

Jessica Sanchez’s debut album, “Me, You & The Music” will be released on April 30th and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, and

We about to hop up on this rocket
Get up outta here
Go somewhere where nothing ever goes wrong
About to hop up on this rocket
Take to the sky
everything is fly

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