Brooke White’s “Sun Up Sun Down”

“Sun Up Sun Down” was written and recorded by Brooke White for the Hallmark Channel television-movie, Banner 4th of July.

Featuring guest vocals by co-star Christian Campbell, the folksy-Americana tune is reminiscent of last year’s smash hit, “Home” by Phillip Phillips, in how it echoes words of encouragement – this time with an added message to wake up, go outside, step into the new daylight, and live life to the fullest.

The Banner 4th of July soundtrack also includes another original from Brooke (the piano ballad “Fly Fly Fly”) along with two songs (“XYZ” and “Voices”) from Jack and White (her duo with Jack Matranga).

Sun up, sun down
We’re gonna paint this town

Turn your blues into a shade of red
Oh you gotta live your life like you mean it
‘Cause you ain’t seen nothing yet
Yes we’re gonna turn this thing around
Like a sun up, sun down

Listen to “Sun Up Sun Down,” along with “Fly Fly Fly,” “XYZ,” and “Voices,” from the Banner 4th of July soundtrack on Spotify.

2 thoughts on “Brooke White’s “Sun Up Sun Down”

  1. Loving the tunes! Always so great hearing music from Brooke White. I really want to see this movie but I’ll have to wait till its DVD release since I don’t get the Hallmark Channel. Boourns!

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