Elise Testone’s “I Will Not Break”

Elise Testone from American Idol Season 11’s talented Top 10, has just released her first single.

I Will Not Break” is an emotional ballad about gathering up the inner strength to let go of someone you loved, even though it feels like your heart is under attack. She tries to remain steadfast, vowing that “I will not fall, I will stand tall through it all, just so you can see, the strongest parts of me”.

It is a beautifully delivered song – you can hear and feel the longing and heartache felt in this honest confessional. “I Will Not Break” aptly showcases Elise’s uniquely enchanting vocal stylings as well as her incredible songwriting, making it one of the strongest debut breakthroughs from an Idol finalist.

I will not break
I will not bend
But I can pretend that I’m not awake

Download Elise’s “I Will Not Break” (from her debut album In This Life) on iTunes now.

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