Candice Glover’s “Cried”

Candice Glover‘s newly released song is a stunning sobfest.

Cried“, the first single (written by Jazmine Sullivan) from the American Idol Season 12 winner’s debut album, Music Speaks (which drops on February 18th, 2014) is a stripped-down, piano-driven, and emotion-filled ballad that places Candice’s captivating and soulful voice front and center.

She sings about the trying experience of giving all of herself to someone she loves, who clearly doesn’t love her back. Tired of concealing her true feelings and holding in her sorrows, she desperately wants to let out the tears wrought by the pain he brought and the heartache he caused.

“Cried” re-introduces Candice as a sophisticated and skilled vocalist who will soon be a force to be reckoned with on the Urban and R&B charts!

This is for every time I let it go
All of the nights that I spent alone
It’s been too hard to hold back the pain
So like a cloud, let it fall like the rain
Yes, I’m gon’ make a sound
Cuz I’m cryin’ out loud

Listen to the “Cried” lyric video and download the single on iTunes!

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