Lea Michele’s “Cannonball”

Music can heal you through the worst heartbreak. If anyone can attest to that truth, it is Lea Michele.

2013 was undoubtedly the toughest year of her life, with the death of her boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith this past July. However, instead of succumbing to her grief, Lea has chosen to devote herself to expressing her emotions through her upcoming music project, and hopes that by sharing her personal story, she can encourage people to find strength within tragedy, loss, and all of life’s challenges.

Cannonball” is the first single off of her debut album, Louder (to be released on March 3rd, 2014), and, as she shares with MTV, it is a true representation of who she is as an artist, how she feels, and where she is in life right now. The song deals with the all-consuming power of fear, which brings about enough suffering and pain to make you lose yourself completely… unless you choose not to let the darkness take you down. As Lea sings, you have to stop hiding, stand up, break free, get out into the world, and live again.

“Cannonball” has been a source of strength for Lea, and the song demonstrates her goal of spreading light and positivity through her music loud and clear. As she has said in most recent interviews, she hopes to honour what she believes Cory would have wanted her to do by moving forward and continuing to live her dreams, and inspiring others to do the same.

I greatly commend Lea and her openness about going through grief, rising up from loss, finding empowerment from the experience, and committing herself to lifting others up. Her actions are admirable and her words are motivating. I wish nothing but the very best for Lea and her new beginnings in 2014!

And now I will start living today
Today, I close the door
I got this new beginning and I will fly
I’ll fly like a cannonball

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