Tunesday: The Girls of Summer 2014

Summer solstice is fast approaching, which means it’s almost time to break out the tunes that’ll enliven the atmosphere for the sunny days and summer nights up ahead! Here are some of the female-driven tracks I’m looking forward to playing this Summer 2014…

Didi Benami – Trouble (from Reverie)

Sitting in the twilight of a daydream gone astray / Lost in the confusion of a mind that’s been wiped blank

My favourite singer from American Idol Season 9 has just completed her debut album, Reverie. Available as a first listen exclusive for her PledgeMusic supporters, Reverie is a collection of artistically crafted songs that ring deep with emotion and true with thoughts, including the moody and complex “Trouble”, with a music video featuring Didi and her devious doppelganger. Perfect for late night cruises around town.

Colbie Caillat – Try (from Gypsy Heart Side A)

Look into the mirror at yourself / Don’t you like you? / ‘Cause I like you

Last week, the California-pop songstress released the first half (Side A) of her new album, Gypsy Heart, as an EP on iTunes. Colbie wrote the self-empowerment anthem “Try” as a response to the pressures she faced from the music industry to conform to the sexy image of other pop stars, using her platform to encourage girls and women to embrace their unique beauty and be themselves. Perfect for those days when you need a little uplifting

Janelle Monáe – Heroes (David Bowie cover)

We can be heroes / just for one day

The distinctly groovy Miss. Monáe recorded this cover of Bowie’s iconic song as part of a Pepsi campaign for the 2014 World Cup Series in Brazil. Its music video (filmed by The Young Astronauts) features a group of kids rising above playground bullying by joining together as band of superheroes. The track and the corresponding video’s tone of courage and togetherness is encouraging to the little hero in all of us. Perfect for when you’re feeling like you’re ready to take on the world.

Lana Del Rey – West Coast (from Ultraviolence)

Down on the West Coast / They’ve got their icons

Lana’s California Cool vibe is captured completely through her latest album’s lead single, “West Coast” – with a slow-burning beat and hypnotically-swinging sound and a music video that can be best described as a film noir short by the shore. Perfect for a bonfire on the beach with all of your friends.

Sara Bareilles – I Choose You (from The Blessed Unrest)

I will become yours and you will become mine

As far as breathtaking declarations of devotion go, “I Choose You” is about as romantic as it gets. The lyrics of this beautiful mid-tempo ballad reads like a love letter, and you’d be hard-pressed to not find yourself being woo-ed over too. The music video features two real-life couples proposing to their partners in unique ways (complete with a serenade from Sara herself). Perfect for you and your paramour.

Paramore – Ain’t It Fun (from Paramore)

Ain’t it fun living in the real world?

“Ain’t It Fun” is a departure from the deep, introspective alternative-rock songs I’ve always associated with Paramore (“Decode”, “The Only Exception”) but nevertheless, I absolutely love it! This sound blends a mix of pop, funk, and new wave into their alt-rock stylings, and the song itself is fun, carefree, and infectious. Perfect for blasting your stereo and singing along.

Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood – Somethin’ Bad (from Platinum)

I got a real good feeling somethin’ bad is ’bout to happen

Miranda and Carrie, the two leading ladies of Country, have finally joined vocal forces for this sizzlin’ stomper of an duet on Miranda’s latest offering, Platinum. As the fierce and rockin’ song forewarns, shenanigans and trouble are inevitable when these two beautiful blondes come together (Thelma and Louise style). Perfect for a girls night out.

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