Album Review: Kris Allen’s “Horizons”

A new horizon has opened up for Kris Allen. The singer/songwriter recently released his third studio album, Horizons as an independent venture, and as a result, it is his most personal and remarkable project to date.

The record evokes a soulful-folk sound and consists of a wealth of intimate and introspective material with well-constructed and complimentary production – it is not too far off from Kris’ sophisticated songcraft and signature acoustic indie-pop vibe, but is still a considerable artistic evolution for him. Among the solid songs on Horizons are the bright and breezy opening track, “Young Love”, the sweet and sincere whisper of “Prove It To You”  (a duet with Lenachka), the innocent, fun, and inspirational “Beautiful & Wild”, the encouraging “In Time”, the bluesy piano ballad “Lost”, the soulful and flirtatious “Don’t Set Me Free”, the fun and optimistic “Everybody Just Wants To Dance”, the soaring “Parachute”, the love-driven”It’s Always You”, and the country-esque “Girl Across the Room”.

Without question, Horizons is my favourite release from Kris. His maturity, confidence, and creativity as a musician is strongly showcased throughout his songs. As summer winds down, this reflective, authentic, and harmonious album is the perfect soundtrack to listen to as we transition into autumn.

A portion of the proceeds from the album sales will be given to the Music Empowers Foundation, which awards grants and funding to music education program across the United States.

Download Kris Allen’s Horizons on iTunes.

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