The State of the Album

Albums are the musician’s artistic statement to the world as well as the soundtracks to our lives. But is the album nearing the end of its relevancy in today’s music market? According to an article from The Guardian, it is only a matter of time before the album is rendered a relic of music culture. As a whole, CD and digital sales are declining. Of course, there are some recent exceptions (Adele’s 21 and Taylor Swift’s Red, anyone?) but even some of 2013’s most buzzworthy pop artists (Katy Perry’s Prism, Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz) are falling short of expectations for their initial sales numbers, despite massive promotional pushes from their teams. They can roar and break down those walls all they want, but it has become a major challenge for musicians to reach their album sales goals.

All we hear is how illegal file downloading and audio streaming are killing the industry, and how the quality of today’s music is subpar, but really, it all comes down to the fact that the way we listen to music has changed. In order to save the state of the album, we need to look at how our consumption habits have transformed in the twenty-first century (with the rise of digital) and how these factors affect our purchasing decisions…

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David Archuleta Begin

Album Review: David Archuleta’s “BEGIN”

Even though he’s currently on a hiatus from music to fulfill a Mormon mission, David Archuleta‘s presence continues to be felt amongst his devoted fanbase. As a token of his thanks, Archuleta recorded BEGIN., an inspirational album comprised of nine cover songs and one original track (“Broken”), to tide his loyal supporters over until his return in two years time.

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Carrie Underwood Blown Away

Album Review: Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away”

Consider me “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood’s latest album! The reigning princess of Country music infuses a little bit of a pop-rock into the darker, more-attitude filled songs (“Blown Away”, “Two Black Cadillacs”, “Good Girl”) while maintaining a traditional country sound into the nostalgic tracks (“Thank God for Hometowns”, “Forever Changed”). And then there are songs like the tropical jam “One Way Ticket” (which will surely be making its way onto many summer mixtapes!), the sassy “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun (featuring Brad Paisley on guitar!), and the beautifully-written “Wine After Whiskey” (one of Carrie’s best songs) which all help to make “Blown Away” a stellar fourth record!

1. Good Girl
2. Blown Away
3. Two Black Cadillacs
4. See You Again
5. Do You Think About Me
6  Forever Changed
7. Nobody Ever Told You
8. One Way Ticket
9. Thank God for Hometowns
10. Good in Goodbye
11. Leave Love Alone
12. Cupid’s Got a Shotgun
13. Wine After Whiskey
14. Who Are You

Album Review: Tyler Hilton’s “Forget The Storm”

Tyler Hilton’s “Forget the Storm” has finally arrived! The highly anticipated album features ten tracks that showcase Tyler’s ‘southern rock meets California country’ vibe to the best of its ability. My favourite track, “Kicking My Heels” has the most infectious chorus that I’ve heard in a while, and the bridge is breathtakingly beautiful.

1. Kicking My Heels
2. Prince of Nothing Charming
3. Loaded Gun
4. You’ll Ask For Me
5. Jenny (feat. Elizabeth Huett)
6. Can’t Stop Now
7. Ain’t No Fooling Me
8. Leave Him
9. I Belong
10. Hey Jesus

‘Forget the Storm’ and see the sun rise by downloading Tyler’s new record on iTunes!

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At least we’re going down together