Glee 100

Glee said goodbye to McKinley High with a special two-part celebration of their 100th episode milestone. Original cast members returned for a bittersweet reunion to relive their fond memories of the New Directions show choir by revisiting and remixing  their most popular performances (as voted upon by fans of the show).

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Glee Frenemies

Friend or Foe? Glee’s “Frenemies”

Tonight, Glee returned back to primetime with their first new episode of 2014. For these talented aspiring artists, ambition, jealousy, and insecurity rose to an all-time high, pitting friends against friends, Frenemies style. As the old saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

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Glee Sings Farewell to “The Quarterback”

This week, Glee said farewell to Finn Hudson (played by the late Cory Monteith) in “The Quarterback”.

In this tearful tribute, the past and current members of the New Directions Glee Club came together for a special memorial in honour and remembrance of their dearly departed friend, and they expressed their immense feelings the best way they could – through song.

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Songs from “The Quarterback” can be purchased through iTunes. All proceeds will go to Project Limelight, a performing arts program for the kids and youth of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and an organization very close to Cory’s heart.

Glee Sings The Beatles

In 1964, The Beatles‘ first live television performance in the US on The Ed Sullivan Show sparked the explosion of Beatlemania, which had a monumental influence on how we listen to and interact with music. In our pop culture today, Glee uses songs to tell their stories of friendship, heartache, and what it’s like to be a young adult in the twenty-first century.

It makes perfect sense for these two musical phenomenons to one day come together, and now they finally have! For their two-week Season 5 premiere, Glee is dedicating two episodes (“Love Love Love” and “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”) to a massive tribute of the Fab Four, dividing their expansive songbook by their early works (the British Invasion) and their experimental eras (where things got a little more introspective, socially-aware, political, and revolutionary in tone).

I love The Beatles. I love hearing new renditions of their songs from other musicians. And I love many of the Glee Cast’s covers. Therefore, I was VERY excited to hear this group of very talented singers perform some of the best songs (with some of the greatest lyrics and melodies) ever written and recorded. So, what did they sing and how did they do?

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