Glee Sings Farewell to “The Quarterback”

This week, Glee said farewell to Finn Hudson (played by the late Cory Monteith) in “The Quarterback”.

In this tearful tribute, the past and current members of the New Directions Glee Club came together for a special memorial in honour and remembrance of their dearly departed friend, and they expressed their immense feelings the best way they could – through song.

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Songs from “The Quarterback” can be purchased through iTunes. All proceeds will go to Project Limelight, a performing arts program for the kids and youth of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and an organization very close to Cory’s heart.

2 thoughts on “Glee Sings Farewell to “The Quarterback”

  1. I’m curious, did you have a favorite quote from the episode? I think mine was “other kids should know who he was”. I just felt like that really summed it up.

    1. I really identified with Kurt in this episode, so a lot of what he said resonated with me. Beside his entire opening monologue, I thought his “shame is a wasted emotion” line was very profound. When tragedy strikes, we can dwell in self-blame, but forgiving ourselves (as hard as it is) is the only way to be set free and move forward.

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