Tyler Hilton Charms the Railway Club in Vancouver

A wish nearly ten years in the making came true this Christmas, I saw one of my favourite singer/songwriters, Tyler Hilton (along with Howie Day and Anna Rose) live at the Railway Club in Vancouver last night.

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Album Review: Tyler Hilton’s “Forget The Storm”

Tyler Hilton’s “Forget the Storm” has finally arrived! The highly anticipated album features ten tracks that showcase Tyler’s ‘southern rock meets California country’ vibe to the best of its ability. My favourite track, “Kicking My Heels” has the most infectious chorus that I’ve heard in a while, and the bridge is breathtakingly beautiful.

1. Kicking My Heels
2. Prince of Nothing Charming
3. Loaded Gun
4. You’ll Ask For Me
5. Jenny (feat. Elizabeth Huett)
6. Can’t Stop Now
7. Ain’t No Fooling Me
8. Leave Him
9. I Belong
10. Hey Jesus

‘Forget the Storm’ and see the sun rise by downloading Tyler’s new record on iTunes!

If it makes you feel much better
At least we’re going down together

Tyler Hilton’s “Loaded Gun”

“Stay away from my trigger, I’m a loaded gun.”

Singer-songwriter/actor Tyler Hilton has released his latest single, “Loaded Gun”. This gritty track is from his upcoming album, Forget the Storm, due in 2012.

I’m always thrilled whenever Tyler shares new songs with the fans, and I hope that this upcoming music project of his will incorporate the southern rock vibe that is prominent in “Loaded Gun”.

Be sure to catch Tyler as the deviously charming Chris Keller on the final season of One Tree Hill every Wednesday at 8pm on the CW.