Film Review: What The World Needs Now Is “Eat Pray Love”

Adapted from the bestselling memoir to the big screen, “Eat Pray Love” follows writer Elizabeth Gilbert‘s well-documented global quest for spiritual discovery. As a result of many drastic shifts in her life (a painful divorce, a failed affair and a complete lack of happiness and inspiration), Liz Gilbert embarks on worldly adventures to three foreign destination with the purpose of mending her body, mind and heart. Within the course of a year, she travels to Italy to dine on authentic cuisine and regain confidence in her own skin, to India to meditate and get in touch with her inner peace and to Indonesia to find a healthy balance and believe in love again.

“Eat Pray Love” works as a successful transformation into a Hollywood blockbuster. Director Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee) incorporates captivating cinematography which invites all of the senses, such as breathtaking scenery, soothing sounds and savory tastes. These elements of movie magic captured the beauty of those exotic locales while enhancing the effectiveness of the story. Julia Roberts is brilliantly cast in the role of Liz Gilbert, revealing all of Gilbert’s vulnerabilities throughout her deeply personal journey. In fact, every character is found to be sympathetic and real, from the men in Gilbert’s life to the various people she meets along the way.

All in all, “Eat Pray Love” serves itself to be a highly entertaining and enlightening film which encourages its viewers to ponder and reflect upon the way they live their lives. Truth be told, we all relate to the issues which Gilbert faces. We all feel lost and confused, and carry those lingering feelings of self-doubt in our own personal directions.

Sometimes, it takes a little self-initiated exploration in order to rediscover a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. While not everyone can afford the time and money to embark on an international quest like Gilbert’s, you can go on your own cultural/spiritual journey in the confides of your own city.

Learn a new language. Try a new cuisine. Find comfort in silence. Be kind. Embrace life. Eat. Pray. Love.

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