Album Review: David Archuleta’s “No Matter How Far”

No matter how far away he may be from the rest of the world, David Archuleta always goes above and beyond the distance for his faithful fans. Now past the halfway mark of David’s two-year missionary work in Chile, Team Archie (on behalf of David) has released a new album, aptly titled No Matter How Far, of ten unreleased tracks from his previous musical projects.

The tracklisting (ranging from heartfelt ballads to catchy pop tunes) includes bonus tracks from the international editions of his second album, The Other Side of Down (“Everything & More”, “Love Don’t Hate”, “Wait”, “Notice Me”, and “Nothing Else Better To Do”) and songs from his original Pinoy music (OPM) album, Forevermore (“Tell Me”, “I’ll Never Go”, and “Forevermore”). No Matter How Far also contains two new original songs, “Heart Falls Out” and the album’s leading single, “Don’t Run Away“. The creative music video for “Don’t Run Away” features an animation of David (in sketch form) reaching out to a friend who appears to be running from her troubles. The song’s message of being that source of peaceful reassurance and steady guidance for a loved one when life gets to be too much for a person to handle has been a signature mark of David Archuleta’s music over the years.

In all of his endeavours, David has proven to be more than just an incredible voice – he’s a source of inspiration for his followers all over the globe!

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