Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”

The ever-so-brilliant singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles has released a new song, “Brave“, from her upcoming third album, The Blessed Unrest (out on July 16th).

The lyric video for “Brave” features a group of young girls singing and dancing along to the uplifting anthem of encouragement and empowerment, spreading a message of community and self-confidence.

In this webisode on the writing process behind “Brave”, Sara speaks to the song’s role as a modern-day civil rights anthem, remarking on the “honour, integrity, and beauty” of being free to be who you are, and how acts of bravery are important in giving others an opportunity to be brave as well.

As Sara’s lyrics say, don’t keep yourself caged in with fear, doubt, and pain – speak up and let the promise of better days shine through!

Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out
Honestly, I wanna see you be Brave.

Download “Brave” on iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”

  1. Sara Barielles is one of my very favorite artists and I’ve been dying for new music from her. This song is perfect and the lyric video is just adorable.

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