Album Review: Jessica Sanchez’s “Me, You & The Music”

Jessica Sanchez is proving herself to be quite the chameleon! Fresh from her re-launch on American Idol (where she performed her lead single, “Tonight” with Ne-Yo) and current appearance on Glee (as Frida Romero of the Hoosierdaddies, one of New Directions’ competitors at Regionals), the emerging young singer experiments with new sounds on her just-released debut album, Me, You & the Music.

She showcases her diverse musicality with a selection of different styles within the realm of Pop, R&B, Urban, and Dance – also throwing in a bit of reggae (“Don’t Come Around”, which samples Tom Petty‘s “Don’t Come Around Here Anymore”) and Spanglish (“No One Compares”, a duet with Prince Royce) into the mix. Fans will appreciate and adore her sweet ballads about holding onto and lamenting over love (“Crazy Glue“, “Plastic Roses”), but it is her upbeat and catchy mid- and up-tempo tracks (“In Your Hands”, “You’ve Got The Love”, and my personal favourite, the hip and addictive “Drive By“) that are the surefire stand-outs. Two of the most memorable tracks are the ones that kick off and close out the show: the commanding techno groove “Right To Fall” (a song about fighting for the right to love who you want to love) and the punchy and sassy “Gentlemen” (an anthem for the ladies who demand to be treated with respect they deserve – where have all the good men gone / without a lady you would’ve never been born).

Me, You & the Music is a invitation to catch a glimpse of what Miss. Sanchez has to offer musically – which is a very youthful, fun, and energetic contemporary R&B/Pop vibe that’s guaranteed to make her a force to be reckoned with!

Download Me, You & the Music on iTunes, and catch Jessica on the Glee finale airing May 9th!

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