David Cook’s “Laying Me Low”

David Cook, who has been laying low in Nashville for the last little while to write and record new music, is ready for his comeback!

He launches this new chapter in his music career with his new single, “Laying Me Low“, a song is about an attraction fuelled by temptation and danger, and how hard it is to resist someone who is just no good for you (you get me high, but you’re laying me low).

This recording mixes a bit of a catchy, pop sound (with an energizing stomp clap section in the bridge to boot!) into the emotionally-driven rock grit that is part of his signature style.

For a musician as daring and creative as Cook, “Laying Me Low” presents a different, more evolved sound with successful results.

I remember when you lit my flame
A bitter passion with a pinch of pain
You left me praying for a single drop of rain
But now the fire’s burning out of control
Because I’m never gonna let you go
So bring the gasoline and we can start the show

David Cook’s “Laying Me Low” is available on iTunes.

8 thoughts on “David Cook’s “Laying Me Low”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance last night—the ‘stomp-clap’ section was really fun! I can’t wait to hear more from his upcoming record. I hope it releases soon!

  2. David Cook was once the dark horse on AI7! He galloped his way to winning that crown w his unassuming charm, originality, risk taking, muscular raspy vocals !! Laying Me Low ..is another reflection of the brilliant & accomplished musician songwriter artist he iS! Congrats David!!

    1. David was such a smart and dynamic competitor during his season. His re-arrangements of songs really made him a stand out. It was great that they acknowledged his version of Mariah’s “Always Be My Baby” last night – it’s still my favourite Idol performance of all time. I can’t wait to hear more of his new music! 🙂

  3. Maria

    I’ve been a fan of David Cook since his Idol audition. He’s got a great voice and is an amazing person. I love “Laying Me Low;” it’s addictive and is on repeat in my head! There’s something about his voice and music that I just can’t get enough of.

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