The Epilogue to “American Dreams”

The cast and creative team of NBC’s American Dreams reunited at the 2013 ATX Television Festival.

Those who were in attendance at the panel discussion were treated to a very special surprise – a screening of the never-aired alternate ending to the abruptly (and wrongfully) canceled series.

The epilogue picks up three years after Season 3 finale, with the show’s leading lady Meg Pryor heading to the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969. Along her journey, she reminisces on memories with her family and friends, and through conversations with fellow travelers, reveals the fate of show’s main characters: her best friend, Roxanne, is married to Luke, and they have a baby together; her sister, Patty is attending Radcliffe College, and her good friend, Sam, has just graduated from university, and will be joining her at Woodstock. The final scene is a flashback of Meg visiting home for the first time in three years, and reuniting with her Mom and Dad on the evening of one of  the decade’s most pivotal moments – the Apollo 11 moon landing.

This epilogue has been a long time coming for fans of the nostalgic and underrated television show. While I’ll always wonder what would have happened to the characters if the show had been renewed for a fourth season (and beyond), I am happy with how this alternate ending played out on a hopeful note. It’s terrific to finally have proper and satisfying closure for my absolute favourite television show.


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