SFU Convocation 2013

On June 14th, I graduated from Simon Fraser University!

The day of my convocation was quite crazy. It rained (typical Vancouver!) and I fainted (causing me to miss walking in the bagpipes-led procession, but I was compensated with a prime seat in the front row), but I finally crossed that stage after six years of school!

It was a true honour to be inducted into the SFU Alumni with the talented individuals from the Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology. Congratulations to all of the new grads from the Class of 2013!

Now, can someone please tell me…
What Do You Do With A B.A. in (Communication and) English?

(More photos on Flickr.)

6 thoughts on “SFU Convocation 2013

  1. Woot, congratulations Elizabeth! What a journey it has been. I’m so proud of you and I know you have a very bright future! But as far as what to do with that B.A in Communication and English, you’ve got me stumped too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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