Nothing Else Comes Closer to Nokia Lumia 1020

If you want to take professional-looking photos without having all of the equipment and extensive know-how, look no further than the Nokia Lumia 1020!

Nokia’s Lumia 1020 (offered by Rogers), is a Windows smartphone that serves as a full-functioning cell phone and digital camera all-in-one. With a remarkable 41 MP sensor with PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization, and High Resolution 3X zoom, the Lumia provides users with the best photo-taking, as well as video and audio recording capabilities of any mobile device on the market.

Using Nokia Smart Camera, you can select your best shot from a sequence of snapshots, remove unwanted objects from within the photo, and combine several images into one dynamic action shot. After obtaining the picture, you can review and edit the photo even further by zooming in, rotating, reframing, and cropping. Users are also given customization controls over ISO, shutter speed, exposure, focus, and balance settings. And that’s still not all – additional downloadable camera applications include Panorama, Cinemagraph, and Creative Studio (for editing). The opportunities are endless!

Thanks to the Rogers Social Insider program, I have been able to try out the Lumia 1020’s, and I must say, I am truly astonished by the device’s fantastic camera. The high quality of the images are truly on par with that of a DSLR (as it captures true-to-life shots that are crisp, clear, and detailed, even stabilizing in low light environments). This mini DSLR beats any smartphone or point-and-shoot camera I’ve come across, without any of the complicated functions (all it takes is a simple tap on the screen, or a click of the shutter if you have the attachable Nokia camera grip case). If I must name any cons, I’d say that the device feels a little heavy to hold, but the weight is well worth the results you receive.

The Lumia camera is perfect for capturing those special holiday moments and memories. Since a picture says a thousand words, here is a glimpse of some of my test shots, featuring Christmastime in my home (unfiltered and amazingly unedited!)

This device also takes amazing outdoor shots. Check out Rosalyn Gambhir’s (another Rogers Social Insider) post on Winter Wonderland for some excellent examples.

As you can see, the Lumia 1020 certainly lives up to its tagline, as “nothing else comes closer” to photo quality this magnificent!

You can view more of my photos on my Flickr album.

Thank you to Rogers for allowing me to test the Nokia Lumia 1020! Follow @RogersBuzz and #RogersSI to find out more about Nokia Lumia and other Rogers products.

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