Next Issue Canada: The Netflix for Magazines

My magazine hoarding ways started at the age of 7, when I picked up my first issue of Girls Life from the supermarket check-out. Now, my basement contains skyscrapers of all of the magazines I have accumulated ever since, but during the past couple of years, I’ve gradually slowed down with my purchases. While I still collect September issues of Vogue and every magazine that features my favourite celebrities (namely Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood) on the cover, I have put a halt to my regular consumption of print magazines due to many constraints – prices have increased, there’s no room to store them in my house, and I don’t have the time to make the trip over to the store for my monthly haul these days. What can I do to keep indulging my magazine-reading desires?

Cue in Next Issue Canada, the Netflix for magazines.

Next Issue Canada is an all-you-can-read digital magazine subscription service, compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. On one app, you have unlimited access to current and back issues of 100+ of the world’s best magazines, right at your fingertips. Some of these popular periodicals on their digital newsstand newsstand include VogueVanity FairTimeRolling Stone, and more.

The digital format truly brings the magazine experience to life with innovative design and exclusive extras. The digital magazine layout is enhanced with interactive pages that invite readers to navigate through the content by scrolling through sections of text and images and tapping for more information, thus heightening engagement and entertainment. Entertainment Weekly incorporates digital easter eggs in the form of additional multimedia, allowing readers to view trailers, listen to audio, and make purchases straight from the device.

Thanks to the Rogers Social Insider program, I have been able to demo Next Issue Canada on the new iPad Air. The functionality and aesthetics of this tablet make it the perfect companion for the app. Light as a feather and thin as paper, the iPad Air makes the digital magazine experience more portable, accessible, and therefore, convenient. All you do is just download issues from their newsstand right to your device and you are ready to go, well-equipped for your daily commute. Depending on how you use Next Issue Canada, you can control your usage depending on how much space the app can take up (see Settings). And, coupled with the iPad’s rich retina display, images and text look sharp and detailed, making content POP on the digital pages.

The Next Issue Canada app is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android tablets, and Windows 8 devices. Rogers customers can use their MyRogers ID to begin a free 30 day trial. Monthly subscription rates are $9.99 for monthly titles and $14.99 for both monthly and weekly publications.

The small subscription fee is really a great value, as it gives you unlimited access to a vast and varied catalogue of publications. Never before has getting your news, fashion, and entertainment fix been so easy, and for less too. If you’re a magazine hoarder and news hound like me, Next Issue Canada is a must try!

Thank you to Rogers for allowing me to try out Next Issue Canada on the iPad Air. Be sure to follow @RogersBuzz and #RogersSI for the latest news on Rogers services and products.

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