Daughtry Rocks the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver

Rock band Daughtry performed at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver theatre in Coquitlam, BC on May 23rd, 2014 – their first concert in the city in seven years.

Their setlist included songs from the new album, Baptized (“Baptized”, “Waiting For Superman“, “Traitor”, “Wild Heart“, “Witness“, “Battleships“, and “Long Live Rock And Roll“, tracks from Leave This Town (“No Surprise”, “September”), hits from the self-titled debut album (“Feels Like Tonight”, “Over You”, “It’s Not Over”, “Home“, “What About Now”, and a cover of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

The band, consisting of lead guitarist Josh Steely, bass guitarist Josh Paul, rhythm guitarist Brian Craddock, keyboardist Elvio Fernandes, and new drummer Jamal Moore (this show marked his first appearance) and fronted by American Idol Season 5 finalist Chris Daughtry, has sold over 7.5 million albums worldwide, garnered four Grammy nominations, and won four American Music Awards.

After the dynamic show they delivered, it’s easy to understand why Daughtry has earned so much success. Chris Daughtry is a phenomenal performer who just bursts out with energy on stage, a multifaceted musician can both take it slow and go for the glory notes, and a charismatic entertainer who is constantly interacting with the audience and reaching out into the crowd. As he remarked, all the band wants to do is make people smile, and the guys sure accomplished that last night.

Media by yours truly via Flickr and YouTube.

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