Book Review: Then And Always

Want to add a little romance and mystery to your summer reading list? Look no further than Dani Atkins‘ debut novel, Then and Always, which Penguin Canada predicts to be the breakout beach read of 2014.

Rachel Wiltshire’s life reads like a dream: she has a great group of friends, a handsome and desirable boyfriend, and an acceptance into her choice university to study Journalism. However, on the eve of the beginning of this exciting new chapter in her life, a tragic event occurs and everything changes completely.

Five years later, we find Rachel as a lonely and scarred person with dashed dreams, poor health, and overwhelming guilt and grief over what had happened after that life-altering incident. She returns home for her best friend’s wedding only to be struck by yet another tragedy. When she wakes up in the hospital, Rachel discovers that her life is drastically different. Now, she has it all – a thriving career, a wonderful fiancé, and the company of her loving family and friends. On paper, this version of her life is picture perfect – a massive upgrade from the miserable existence she had gone through over the past few years. But is it really hers if she doesn’t remember any of it? Is any of this really real?

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Then And Always by Dani Atkins is available now in Canada from Penguin Canada. The book is also currently available in the UK (under the title Fractured) and in the US.

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