Share Your World – Week 28

Have you ever been a participant in a parade? What did you do?
Back in 2011, I participated in the annual Rogers Santa Claus Parade in Vancouver. I was a member of a street team that was promoting Happy Feet 2, so as volunteers, we were the ones throwing out free swag to all of the folks watching the parade. We even had people in penguin suits, much to the families’ delight! (Sidenote: When I was a kid, I used to attempt to escape a lot. This one time, my mom nearly lost me at Disneyland when I decided to follow the Hercules parade. It sure gave her a fright!)

If you were handed free opera tickets, would you go or sell them? Why?
I’m not one to turn down a good live performance, and I’ve never been to the opera before (and it’s one side of entertainment I’d like to try), so I’d definitely go!

Why did you start your blog?
I started blogging as a way to document my life experiences and reflections as well as to express myself online. Since high school, I’ve always been writing somewhere – beginning with private blogging on LiveJournal and later venturing into public blogging on Blogger. And now, I’m here on WordPress, where I blend the personal and the professional with insightful pieces and entertainment reviews. It’s a constant challenge to maintain a blog regularly, but I still believe it’s essential to have a place where you can share your thoughts without being constricted by a 140-character limit.

What is your favourite tradition?
This tradition popped up in my mind immediately and it’s one that I’ve missed for years – back to school shopping. In grade school, I always anticipated the last week of summer vacation because that was the time when I’d get to buy new school supplies and shop for new outfits. While I can still take advantage of the back to school sales each year, it’s just not the same.

via Share Your World on Cee’s Photography.

Image from Rogers Santa Claus Parade.

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