Tunesday: Live It Up

RIP Penny Lane (2008-2014).

My iPod Classic Penny Lane had a fatal heart attack (or a hard drive failure, in tech terms) last Wednesday. Truthfully, I was really choked when she croaked. I got her back in April 2008 and we were inseparable for six solid years. Penny Lane was with me through it all – good days and bad days, happy times and sad times, the highest highs and the lowest lows, along with every milestone, celebration, trip, and tragedy along the way. She was an essential piece to the formative years of my early twenties, helping me to create the soundtrack to my life with the music that would shape my world. Though the songs still live on, having to say goodbye to her was a hard thing to do. As I move into this new era with Sir Duke (my new iPod Classic), I look forward to making more music memories while still treasuring the past. Thank you, Penny Lane. You’re forever in my ears and in my eyes.

In tribute to my late friend, here’s a handful of new tunes I’ve been listening to lately…

Colbie Caillat – Live It Up (from Gypsy Heart – Side A)

I’m unstoppable / I drop kick impossible / I live it up

Hot off the heels of the empowering “Try“, the upbeat “Live It Up” is all about having the confidence to do something that terrifies you. For Colbie, this means stage fright (which inspired the writing of the song) and skydiving (which she does in the lyric video!). When you conquer your fears, you truly know what it feels like to live life to the fullest!

Jason Mraz – Love Someone (from Yes!)

When you love someone / It comes back to you

This soothing and heartfelt ballad off of Mraz’s newly released album, YES!, is an ode to the karmic effect of love – the idea that when you give love, you get love in return. The inclusion of the all-girl band, Raining Jane, gives this song an extra ounce of sweetness.

Keira Knightley – Lost Stars (from Begin Again)

Are we all lost stars / Trying to light up the dark?

Did you know Keira Knightley can sing? She can, and she’s got a pretty lovely singing voice too! In Begin Again, an indie drama about music in New York City, Begin Again, Keira’s character, a singer-songwriter named Gretta, writes and performs this song, right before things unravel in her love life. Adam Levine, who plays her famous musician-boyfriend/ex in the movie, also has a recorded version of “Lost Stars“.

Kris Allen – Prove It To You (feat. Lenachka) (from Horizons)

I know I had to let you go / But I had to find out on my own
That you were always the one

Kris Allen presents an example of one of the most creative uses of lyric videos with his project for his new single, “Prove It To You”. This simple and delicate song (with beautiful guest vocals from Russian singer Lenachka) is accompanied by a series of images that pay tribute to the many ways in which we spread messages to each other – from words on a typewriter to letters in the sand.

Allison Iraheta & Halo Circus – Do You Believe in Shame?

If love can conquer all / Then why do we only feel the pain?

Originally drawn to its haunting lyrics, Allison Iraheta and her rock band, Halo Circus, have re-imagined Duran Duran’s “Do You Believe In Shame?” with an even deeper, heavier, and moodier sound. Along with the live performance video included above, you can preview their recorded cover of the song on Yahoo! Music.

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