Remembering Michael Johns

Michael Johns 2009

It is with sadness and anguish that I am writing a tribute in the wake of the sudden and tragic death of a man who meant so much to me, Michael Johns.

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Cheers To You… Lupita Nyong’o

It was a real-life fairy tale come to life for Lupita Nyong’o, who won Best Actress in a Supporting Role for 12 Years a Slave at the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday night.

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Amy Poehler

Cheers To You… Amy Poehler

Congratulations to Amy Poehler on winning her first Golden Globe!

Amy, who co-hosted the 71st annual Golden Globes award ceremony with her partner-in-comedic-crime Tina Fey, won Best Actress in a Television Series (Comedy) for her portrayal of Leslie Knope on NBC’s Parks & Recreation (which was nominated for Best Television Series (Comedy) for the first time this year). It was due time for the funniest lady on television today to receive the recognition she has so long deserved! In a tv-landscape filled with a lot of aggression and negativity, we need heartwarming programs like Parks and lovable characters like the eternally optimistic Leslie Knope to remind us of the good in the world.

The following is one of my favourite Leslie Knope quotations:

In times of stress or moments of transition, sometimes it can feel like the whole world is closing in on you. When that happens, you should close your eyes, take a deep breath, listen to the people that love you when they give you advice, and remember what really matters. And if you have the ability to go to Paris, by all means, go to Paris.”

Cheers to Amy Poehler, Leslie Knope, and Parks & Recreation for this victorious victory!

Cheers To You… Beyonce

Friday the 13th is a date known for its unpredictability, and there’s no better example than what went down in pop culture this week!

At the stroke of midnight on December 13th, Beyoncé reclaimed her throne with a Christmas surprise – a full-length self-titled audio/visual album, made available exclusively on iTunes.

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Cheers To You… Mad Women

The show may be called Mad Men, but the most compelling characters on this show are the Mad Women. As men like Don Draper continue to fall behind and find themselves increasingly out of touch with the modern day, it’s the working girls and society ladies who are on the rise, taking charge of their domains (be it in their careers, their families, and/or their relationships) and ultimately, of their lives as women of the 1960s.

To Peggy, Joan, Megan, Betty, Sally, Trudy, and Dawn – I raise a sparkling glass to you!

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