Make It Happen

When I saw this motivational Post-It on the tree outside my office building, I had to stop and snap a picture. Later that day, when I had a moment to pause and reflect, I thought about what the encouraging phrase written on that note meant to me.

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The Lonely Hearts Club

Valentine’s Day. The day when love is in the air and everything is red and pink and heart-shaped all over (just a few of my favourite things). Despite liking things associated with this holiday, I usually don’t take it very seriously. I’m not a cynic who demonizes companies like Hallmark for capitalizing on the hearts (and wallets) of the lovesick to make big bucks, but I personally don’t find much use nor pleasure in a day that’s not even considered a stat holiday (call me when its Christmastime). But this year, I actually have something to say.

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Nice To Meet You, Where You Been?

Do you remember how you met your best friends, significant others, and other important people in your life? How about the very first time you crossed paths? Can you recall that exact moment in detail?

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Year 26. Goodbye, quarter-life crisis. Greetings, old age descent.

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Hello, 2015

If last year was Glorious 2014, this year will be Flow-rious 2015.

What on earth does Flow-rious even mean? Allow me to elaborate…

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