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Building Resilience and Moving Ahead Through Tough Transitions

Breakups and layoffs suck. Whether it’s the end of a long-term relationship with someone you love, the loss of a job you were dedicated to, or another life-altering situation, being thrust into these scenarios where a big part of your life comes to a sudden end is downright unnerving and terrifying.

You enter into that uncomfortable grey area of uncertainty, where before you looms a tough period of passage from what you knew towards what is unknown. To help you build resilience and respond better to an imposed transition, we share a few ways you can begin to part with the past, return to the present, and move ahead towards the future.

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Life Lessons Learned From… Billie Holiday

If I’m going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all.” – Billie Holiday

The timeless and instantly-recognizable Billie Holiday’s insights go beyond singing; it’s applicable to putting your own stamp on whatever it is that you do.

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Life Lessons Learned From… Vulnerability

Vulnerability is a topic we tend to avoid talking about, but it is so crucial to our existence.

In a TED Talk on “The Power of Vulnerability” and an article on “Vulnerability and Inspired Leadership”, Brené Brown discusses how vulnerability is commonly seen to be synonymous with weakness.

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Life Lessons Learned From… Lollipop Moments

“Thank You” is one of the most powerful phrases in every language. By giving our gratitude to others, we show them how much we value their presence in our lives, as well as remind ourselves of the good in this world.

In light of recent events in the United States, I have been thinking about the importance of values such as charity and kindness, along with the transitory nature of human life itself. I was reminded of this TEDxToronto Talk by Drew Dudley (written transcript here) on “Leading Through Lollipops”. Using an example of a time when he unknowingly changed a university student’s life with a simple joke, he says that in even in our daily interactions, we are leading people through our actions and words. Thus, he has developed this concept of a ‘lollipop moment’, when someone says or does something that you feel has fundamentally changed your life for the better. I think it’s thrilling to know that we can influence others in positive ways without even knowing it. Wouldn’t it be great if we were more open towards recognizing these integral moments when it happens to us?

Therefore, I am starting a personal initiative to acknowledge the catalysts for those impactful ‘lollipop moments’ in my life – be it people, projects, events, places, things, etc. – that have helped me by sparking a profound realization, by motivating me to make a difference, or by simply brightening up my day. In all of our interactions with the world, we are leading the way by motivating others to build a better tomorrow – together.

Life Lessons Learned From… Momentum

The theme of this year’s YWiB SFU International Women’s Day Conference was ‘Gaining Momentum’, which I found to be optimal since that is exactly what I will be focusing on in the next life phase I’m heading towards! There was a poster board in the lobby where all of the attendees could post paper butterflies containing their answers to where they will draw their momentum from. For me, I said I will gain momentum by seeing the beauty in life, singing my song, and dreaming big!

The speakers included international philanthropists, a digital entrepreneur, a government minister, an entertainment host, and more. They offered their insights on themes such as finding and utilizing your passion, leveraging your creativity, connecting with and sustaining a network of enablers and champions, building and supporting a sisterhood, finding opportunity in chaos, overcoming failure and being resilient, paying it forward, valuing your strengths and accomplishments, and being authentic to yourself.

Out of all of the amazing stories I heard that day, the biggest inspirational take-away I got out of the conference came from Tori Holmes (she who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean at the age of 21). She stressed the importance of getting yourself to the starting line of your aspirations, as you must show up for your dreams in order to achieve them. As a wise person once said, “You can never cross the ocean without losing sight of the shore.”

Thanks to this International Women’s Day conference, I’ve gained some more momentum to propel me to the starting line!

The hour of empowerment is upon us.” – Erin Krish