Olympic Rings

Connecting With Your Inner Olympian

My sense of motivation is always at an all-time high during the Olympics. There’s something about seeing athletes achieve their goals that inspires me to believe that any dream is possible with hard work, determination, and an optimistic outlook. As I watch the Summer games in London, I am reminded of a few important lessons that I learned from a celebrated Olympian this past Spring…

Back in March, YWiB SFU hosted the 2012 International Women’s Day Conference, a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women from around the globe and encouraging women to share their own stories in an effort to connect girls, overcome adversity, and inspire futures.

Among the roster of speakers was the ambitious Anna Rice, whose remarkable list of accomplishments include being a two-time Olympic athlete for the Canadian National Badminton Team, an ambassador for the international non-profit organization Right to Play, and a coordinator for the Choose Again foundation. During her keynote presentation on tapping into your strengths and unleashing the true and unique essence of who you are, she shared her five steps to ‘Connecting with your Inner Olympian‘:

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The Beauty of Failure

Failure sucks. When you are informed that you have fallen short of reaching your goals, you cannot help but feel the tremendous blow to your confidence and self-worth. As the antithesis of success, failure is a condition that we strive to avoid in all of our efforts. But by doing this, we may miss the beauty of failure.

Failure is beautiful? Say what?

It’s inevitable that in everything we pursue in life, we are bound to meet a bunch of trials along the way. That is just something that cannot be prevented. As desirable as smooth sailing may be, without the ups and downs of life, how would we encounter great adventure? We wouldn’t! Because of those bumps on the road, you will eventually uncover treasure in the forms of knowledge and opportunity. How else would we improve our skills, grow as individuals, expand our mindsets, AND be introduced to incredible experiences if it wasn’t for the challenges brought by failure?

Failure is the ultimate test of your inner strength, patience, and faith.

I failed my road test not once, but twice. I have spent a considerable amount of time sulking over the past month, but I realized that it’s not an effective use of my time to continue burying myself in shame and self-pity. Instead, I have chosen to remind myself of what I’m talented at (writing, music) and challenge myself to keep working hard to eventually add driving to my skill set. I will take the constructive criticism I received to build upon what I’m good at and become even greater. The day that I am able to prove myself as a licensed driver will be a beautiful day indeed, because it will be a product of my unyielding perseverance!

Next time, when you come face to face with failure, don’t fear it…embrace it.

Find the beauty in failure.

International Women’s Day: Words of Wisdom

In honour of Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, and the YWiB SFU International Women’s Day Conference, here are a few words of wisdom from some remarkable women:
We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.” – J.K. Rowling

The Pursuit of Happiness

What do you value? What do you want to give to the world?

Those were the questions that circulated in my mind during YWiB SFU‘s The Pursuit of Happiness workshop. The panel consisted of three driven women from various industries – non-profit, photography, and fashion and health – who shared their invigorating and inspiring insights on finding satisfaction in one’s career with an engaged audience of young professionals.

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