Highlights from the 2012 Golden Globes

I enjoyed watching tonight’s award ceremony! I thought that 2012 was a good year for movies in particular (especially in the Comedy or Musical genre) so I was looking forward to seeing some of my favourite films get the recognition they so deserve.

Highlights of the evening: The Artist winning Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical, Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical (Jean DuJardin) and Best Score. The Adventures of Tintin being named Best Animated Film, Martin Scorsese winning Best Director for Hugo, Woody Allen winning Best Screenplay for Midnight in Paris, Michelle Williams winning Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for My Week With Marilyn, Queen Meryl Streep winning Best Actress in a Drama for The Iron Lady, Octavia Spencer winning Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for The Help, the legendary Sidney Poitier presenting the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Morgan Freeman (a.k.a God), and a few cute friendship moments (Tiny Fey photobombing fellow funny lady Amy Poehler, Joseph Gordon-Levitt clapping for presenter and 50/50 co-star Seth Rogan).

Additions to my ‘Need To Watch’ List: Modern Family, Downton Abbey, Mildred Pierce, The Iron Lady, and The Descendants

Best Reaction: Sir Elton John reacting to Madonna’s win in the Best Original Song category.

‘Better Luck Next Time’ award: Leonardo DiCaprio (I felt so bad for Leo. Please, just give him SOMETHING!)

MVP: Uggie, that playful and lovable Jack Russell Terrier from The Artist! He can play dead and excite the audience at the same time!

Best Dressed: Emma Stone in Lanvin. Also liked Zooey Deschanel’s tuxedo nails and what I saw of Kate Winslet, Viola Davis, Dianna Agron, Nicole Kidman, and Evan Rachel Wood.

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