Connecting With Your Inner Olympian

My sense of motivation is always at an all-time high during the Olympics. There’s something about seeing athletes achieve their goals that inspires me to believe that any dream is possible with hard work, determination, and an optimistic outlook. As I watch the Summer games in London, I am reminded of a few important lessons that I learned from a celebrated Olympian this past Spring…

Back in March, YWiB SFU hosted the 2012 International Women’s Day Conference, a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women from around the globe and encouraging women to share their own stories in an effort to connect girls, overcome adversity, and inspire futures.

Among the roster of speakers was the ambitious Anna Rice, whose remarkable list of accomplishments include being a two-time Olympic athlete for the Canadian National Badminton Team, an ambassador for the international non-profit organization Right to Play, and a coordinator for the Choose Again foundation. During her keynote presentation on tapping into your strengths and unleashing the true and unique essence of who you are, she shared her five steps to ‘Connecting with your Inner Olympian‘:

Direct your DREAM. Remember that YOU are the one with the power to design your dreams and to drive yourself towards your ultimate destination. When you get lost in what you’re doing (as if you’re ‘in the zone’ and time doesn’t exist), you have discovered your passion. Investing yourself in what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.

Find your BALANCE. Work and life should not be separate, but synergized! Maximize your happiness and potential by ensuring that you are enjoying what you are doing and are able to draw inspiration from all areas of work and life.

LOVE yourself. Treat yourself as if you already are the person you strive to be. In tough times, recognize what others would want you to do. That is the true meaning of selflessness.

Have GRATITUDE. Appreciate the opportunities you are presented with. Every situation is a gift. Whether good or bad, you will always take away an important lesson out of any experience. Be aware of the energy you attract by focusing on the positive.

CREATE! Do not be intimidated to present your unique essence with others. When you share, you will grow personally and leave an imprint on those around you. Write your own history!

Dream. Balance. Love. Gratitude. Create.

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