Edge of 2017

It’s the return of my lucky number 7 in 2017. Looking back, 2007 was a monumental year because it was the year I graduated from high school and entered a brand new phase of my life—adulthood. Now, ten years later, I feel like it’s time to make some more transformative changes.

The 2017 forecast for Capricorns born on January 7th declares this year as a dynamic year of change, transition, and completion. It is a time to let go of what no longer serves its purpose and hold on to what you see as having a future in your life. It is also an important period for self-development, for making lifestyle changes, and for re-defining one’s personality and life path. These Capricorn will find that they are becoming a new person in many ways, and the result will be a re-worked and re-defined self.

In addition, 2017 will be a strong year for creativity, energy, and connections. Creative types will thrive from inspiration, imagination, and productivity. They will build confidence in their talents and experience a strong desire to seek out meaning, wisdom, and mental stimulation. Joie de vivre and increased energy levels will enhance the lives of Capricorns in many ways, not only because they are more able to enjoy life, but also because others will sense their dynamism and this magnetism will attract good things to them as a result. They will meet with and make positive connections with people who inspire them to be their best self.

Also providing a road map for things to come in 2017 is Pantone’s Colour of the Year. Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green that symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, with one another, and with a larger purpose. As Mother Nature’s neutral—as well as the colour of freshly-cut grass, Granny Smith apples, and Kermit the Frog—greenery evokes the spirit of the first day of spring. It brings forth a bursting brightness to 2017 as a counterpoint to the darkness of 2016. It is the antidote we need against our rocky social, political, and cultural climate. It is a response to our yearning for reassurance, revitalization, and unity.

In the wake of 2016, I feel like a changed person in need of transformation in this new year. With that in mind, 2017 will be all about wearing my heart on my sleeve, living on the edge, embracing the unknown, speaking my mind, counting my lucky stars, and most importantly, loving. Because it all comes back to love. Love one another. Love somebody. Love yourself.

What’s your mantra for your 2017?

Featured image by Chad Madden.

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