2020 Vision: A Year of Endurance

2020 marked the beginning of a brand new decade. We swung into the new twenties with a hope for change, growth, and prosperity on the horizon.

There was an abundance of change, alright, and unlike anything we’ve ever envisioned or experienced before…

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything — including  industries, routines, behaviours, attitudes, identities, and our everyday lives as we once knew it.

In spite of all the curveballs thrown at us during this tumultuous year of unprecedented interruptions and long-awaited reckonings, we continued to try, try, and try again — to adapt to new ways of being, to find gratitude and light amidst the chaos and darkness, to spread love and kindness (to others and ourselves), and to maintain a state of grace throughout. 

Our plans may be postponed for now, but with how far we’ve come in the past 365 days, I can see clearly that it’s never too late to create the life we want.

I have so much certainty that we’ll build that brave new world — together.

As this trying year comes to a close, I’ll always remember 2020 as a time of endurance. To try, try, and try again, and maintain an optimistic outlook and hopeful vision no matter what surprises we encounter next.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and hope-filled 2021. 🥂

Throughout the year, I’ve been compiling a page of memories from 2019 — including notable experiences I had, concerts I attended, music I listened to, movies I watched, television shows I followed, and books I read — and now the time capsule is complete! Check it out here at Scrapbook 2020: A Year of Endurance.

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