Happy Birthday to yours truly!

Today, I turned 25. It’s official – I have now been living for a quarter of a century (and have been inducted into the quarter-life crisis zone with the other twentysomethings). It’s hard to believe I’m this old already!

I’ve been celebrating this birthday milestone throughout this first week of 2014 by indulging in many birthday freebies – such as this year’s Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift (lipstick and mascara deluxe samples from Make Up For Ever), a free bacon cheeseburger from Red Robin, a free Rooty Toothy Fresh ‘N Fruit Pancakes combo from iHop, a free entree and dessert from Milestone’s, a free appetizer and chocolate cake from Boston Pizza, and free drinks from Starbucks and Booster Juice. Thank you to my Mom and to my friends for accompanying me on these excursions! If you want more info on how to score these deals on your birthday this year, just ask me. πŸ™‚

I captured some birthday memories on the Nokia Lumia 1020, all thanks to Rogers Social Insider!
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January 7

Every year on my birthday, I visit Cafe Astrology to see my forecast for the year. I like how these readings are specifically tailored to each birth date of the year. The description of those people born on January 7th are incredibly accurate to my character:

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Counting Stars

Capricorn Mantra for 2014: “Because I have enormous drive this year, I will make use of it!”

As per tradition, I have consulted with Georgia Nicols’ 2014 Astro Guide to see what I may expect from in the new year. Here are some of her forecasts for Capricorns in 2014:

“Be aware of your image and the impression you create in the world… this year, it is within your power to change your appearance for the better. Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man.”

“Mars will arouse your ambition like never before. The energy of Mars is ego – it’s aggressive and assertive, urging you to work hard to accomplish something… Because you will be so motivated to work hard to achieve what you want, especially in your career and in promoting your good name, you’re bound to be more successful this year. Your motivation will move mountains.”

“Late in the year, you will benefit from the involvement with (and wealth and resources of) others. From October onward is a good time to explore professional partnerships. Your challenges will be to balance your work for yourself with your work for others (especially in groups) and to learn to integrate your individual self with a group. You must have a balance that meets the needs of others but also respects your own wants and needs. Trust your impulses and intuition. Go after what you want. Be confident that late in the year and into next year, you have help from others as well.”

“Capricorns will undergo sudden changes to their home environment. The nature of these upsets will be that you acquire a new sense of freedom or a new set of responsibilities. Old ties with the past might be broken. The areas of dissatisfaction in your home and family are the areas most likely to change.”

“Your home life is your private and personal world as well. Deep changes within your psyche will also take place when you let go of beliefs, attitudes and ideas that no longer serve your purpose. In the meantime, continue to care for where you live because home is where the art is.”

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Happy New Year 2014!

Best wishes for the upcoming 365 days! ❀ Elizabeth Rosalyn

It’s my life
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive
– Bon Jovi, “It’s My Life”